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Dietary & Lifestyle Tips to Cure Migraine

Dietary & Lifestyle Tips to Cure Migraine

The numbing and recurring headaches which last from few hours to few days is how Migraine works. People suffering from Migraines do suffer from the severe headache of this condition. Many people who suffer from Migraine, usually know the triggers which will cause migraine headaches. Some people get their migraines if they are allergic to something or due to taking much stress or any other factor which might seem small but will lead to getting severe headaches.

Even though many people suffer from Migraine, usually people between the age of 15 to 55, this age group is more prone to this condition. The sad reality is that even though we have advanced a lot in the medical field, but the reason or the cause of Migraine is still unknown. There are specific theories that are floating around about the causes of Migraine. Some of them are

Genetics: Like diabetes migraine is also passed on in the family. So, if someone in your family has Migraine, then you are more likely to get on too.

Central Nervous Disorder: The irregularities in the brain blood vessel might be the cause of getting migraines

Stress: Stress in every form be it emotional, mental or physical strain; it is assumed to trigger migraines.

Gender of the Person: According to the research, the chances of women getting Migraine is three times more than men.

What can one do to try to Cure Migraine?

Well, people suffering from Migraines can make particular dietary and Lifestyle, which will help in preventing frequent episodes of migraine headaches. The following are some of the dietary and Lifestyle remedy which can be incorporated by the person suffering from Migraine

Dietary Tips for helping with Migraine

Reduce the Intake of Caffeine

Caffeine triggers migraine headaches; therefore, people who suffer from migraine headaches should try to avoid caffeine as much as possible. For people who cannot function without getting their cuppa in the morning and several more cups during the day should cut down their intake of caffeine slowly. Sudden deprivation of caffeine may cause withdrawal symptom; hence, the consumption should be reduced gradually.

Never Skip Your Meal

Another common trigger for Migraine is when a person skips the meal. If you remain hungry for an extended period, then it will cause the glucose level in the blood to go low, this triggers migraine headaches. Hence to avoid this migraine headache, one has to vary about eating their food on time and should make it a point to eat something healthy every two hours.

Have a healthy eating habit

The best way to fight Migraine is through diet to have a healthy eating habit. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, along with fresh meats that are available. Avoid processed food, chicken and beef livers or marinated meats from your diet. Go for food that is more organic in nature and completely do away with processed or canned food. Certain food items like cheese, cured meats or food articles that contain preservatives and sweeteners are one of the primary triggers for migraine headache these food articles are best avoided from your diet.

Lifestyle changes to Control Migraine

Get Regular Exercise

People who suffer from Migraine should make specific lifestyle changes to fight this condition. One should start working out or doing some or the other type of physical activity to reduce the occurrence of the Migraine to a minimum. Make it a habit to work out at least half an hour a day, and a Healthy Lifestyle will help in the wellness of both body and mind this will help in reducing the frequency of the migraine headache.

Get a good night sleep

People who have irregular sleep pattern are more prone to severe migraine headaches. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a regular sleep pattern. Go to bed on time and at least get seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. With the fast life we are living, we tend to ignore the importance of sleep that plays a vital role in one’s life.

Reduce the level of Stress

In today’s world, we take all kind of stress, be it emotional stress, mental stress or financial stress. Stress affects our health adversely. React to the situations calmly and quietly rather than being hyper about things. Practice meditation which helps a lot in relaxing your state of mind.

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