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For the first time in independent India, a woman will be hanged

For the first time in independent India, a woman will be hanged

For the first time in independent India a woman will be hanged. Shabnam’s crime in Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh is such that he was sentenced to death by the court. Shabnam appealed to the President for mercy after the Supreme Court rejected the reconsideration petition against this conviction, which has also been rejected. Shabnam has been convicted of brutally killing seven members of the house.

Resenting the love affair, this young woman fed her family with drugs to seduce people first and then brutally chopped him to death. Taking the crime of Shabnam as heinous, the Amroha District Court sentenced him to death in 2010.

This sentence was also confirmed by the High Court. The reconsideration petition against this decision was also rejected by the Supreme Court in March 2015, later the mercy petition of the President was also rejected on 11 August 2016. Arrangements for hanging women are only in Mathura, where preparations have been made to hang them. The executioner has also been called from Meerut to be hanged. Shabnam’s lover Salim has also been sentenced to death in the case

In Amroha, a civilian woman in 2008 met her boyfriend and killed seven members of his family with an ax. The woman was not married and was pregnant. The girl is currently in Rampur jail, the superintendent of the jail has written to the court to issue the girl’s death warrant. While in jail, the girl had a son in jail, who is reared in Bulandshahr.

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