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Gang Rape Victim was Raped by an SHO in Uttar Pradesh

Gang Rape Victim was Raped by an SHO in Uttar Pradesh

A 13-year-old gang-rape victim was raped by a Senior Head Officer (SHO) in Uttar Pradesh to whom she reported the crime. Authorities in Uttar Pradesh confirmed the report causing a massive outcry about equality.

In the district of Lalitpur, an investigation was launched and all officers on duty at the time of the incident were reprimanded. Separately 4 men were arrested for kidnapping and raping a 13-year-old girl in Madhya Pradesh in April.

The case was filed at Pali police station, where the youngster was persuaded by four males and driven to Bhopal on April 22, where she was allegedly raped, according to news agency ANI. She eventually escaped and returned to her home, where she went to the police station to file a complaint. According to ANI, the station in charge allegedly raped the minor before handing her over to the Childline Welfare Committee.

The NGO approached the police superintendent, who intervened and an FIR was filed on Tuesday.

Officials told PTI that all Pali police officers have been dispatched to the police lines.

The issue was further aggravated when it was announced that the girl was a Dalit. Dalits belong to the lower caste and have experienced discrimination in society. Although the law was abolished in 1950, there are still some areas that practice these customs.

Bhanu Bhaskar, additional director general of police for Kanpur zone, said DIG Jogendra Kumar of Jhansi has been instructed to examine the case and submit a report within 24 hours.

“While the SHO has been suspended, all policemen of Pali police station in Lalitpur have been sent to police lines,” Bhaskar said, adding that strict action will be taken against the guilty policemen.

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