If Only Everything in Life Was as Reliable as A Thai Beauty

thai beauty secrets - how to get a beautiful, healthy & glowing skin like that of a thai womam
Thai Beauty Secrets - How to get a Natural Glowing Skin like Thai Women

What makes a person look more glowing and radiant that can attract a lot of eyes at a go. Well, to be honest, there are different ways to keep your skin healthy and radiant but I bet you can take a piece of advice or two from a Thai lady for sure. Thailand is not only famous for its rich variety of Thai cuisines but surely you might get drooled over Thai ladies for their natural beauty.

Bangkok, the tourist hub of Thailand is gaining a lot of popularity recently for the different skincare products that are getting launched which you can always use to keep your skin glowing and radiant like a Thai woman. What more could you want? Let’s go through some of the home-grown Thai Beauty products and essentials which can make you feel good from the inside.

Here are some of the essential Natural beauty products that make Skin of Thai Women beautiful, Healthy & Glowing


Turmeric- A perfect ingredient for a glowing Glass skin

Thai Beauty Secrets - How to get a Natural Glowing Skin like Thai Women

Turmeric is an essential product in the Thai beauty routine. It acts as an antioxidant that can make your skin look vibrant and healthy. It makes exfoliation of the worn-out skin tissues easily and prevents inflammation afterwards. This will make your skin look like a sheet of glass with a glossy youthful texture known as glass skin. The collagen production on the skin makes you feel far healthier as per the skin health is concerned and the manganese present in turmeric is a huge positive as well. Thai women generally use a paste of turmeric and ginger and also keep an amount of the same in their diet.

Coconut oil- For subtle Beautiful Skin

The most important ingredient for all the Thai women and their beautiful skin is the coconut oil and homemade products from the coconut oil extracts. It can be used on the face and the body and is very helpful for hair treatment. Coconut oil can be applied to your dry parts of the body and your hair before a shower. The oil extracts and the coconut itself can be used in your diet. Regular use of coconut oil can keep your dry parts of the body smooth and you will surely be appreciated for your beautiful skin.

Papaya and Lemongrass- A hallmark of Thai Beauty

Ask any Thai girl and they will surely suggest you Papaya and Lemongrass as an essential product in your homemade Thai Beauty kit. The Papain enzyme from the papaya seeds removes the dullness from the skin and gives a long-lasting glow. The outer skin of papaya can be applied on the face as a mashed pulp and then washed gently. Secondly, lemongrass is another ingredient that helps in the exfoliation and detoxifying process of the tissues. This will soothe your skin and give you a sauna effect kind of feeling after some time.

Thai products for your glowing face & beautiful skin

In Thailand, the beauty of a woman can be seen from their clear and glowing face. People always remain in awe of the Thai girl’s beautiful face and try to emulate their Face Beauty regime. Some home-made face masks can be helpful for your face and make your face glow. A mixture of cucumber and tomato paste can be applied on your face and kept for a little bit of time before rinsing it with warm water. Yoghurt and honey can also be the perfect substitute that will moisturize your face and in turn, will look hydrated and prevent wrinkles and act as an anti-ageing agent.

Additionally, a proper Thai diet along with proper sleep and a relaxing Thai massage can be a very helpful factor for clear and glowing skin. The diet consists of a lot of vegetables and rice that contains a lot of spices. Thai green tea is a popular evening drink that acts as an antioxidant and clears your skin and makes it more vibrant. Thai massage to end a tiring day can be a bit more relaxing that will release the harmful chemicals and cleanse your skin after the massage session. So, think no more. Try these Thai beauty tips for glowing skin and you will surely notice the change in your skin texture and skin tone within the next few days.

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Thai Beauty Secrets - How to get a Natural Glowing Skin like Thai Women

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