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How Muay Thai, Thailand’s Own Kickboxing Form, is Different than Other Martial Arts

How Muay Thai, Thailand’s Own Kickboxing Form, is Different than Other Martial Arts

Whenever we see some form of martial arts going on in sports channel, we suddenly gets pumped up. There is a bit of physical fighter in everyone, and this is the reason why different types of fight forms, like martial arts and so, have become popular over centuries and have ideally evolved into different forms.While you may be familiar with kickboxing aspect, there is one un-denying popular form of this that has become the most popular and followed type of martial arts in Thailand – Muay Thay, the country’s national sport.

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is a kind of Martial Arts form which is a bit more aggressive form. Unlike the western form of fight where the participants are allowed only two limbs to use, and unlike other martial art forms where 4 limbs’ use is permitted, Muay Thai makes use of varying parts including punches, kicks, elbow strikes and knees, as well as holding of the head. This is why it is also termed as ‘The Science of Eight Limbs’.

What Impact Does it Have on Someone’s Physical Shape?

There’s more to Muay Thai than simple fighting. While in a fight it may seem to be violent or belligerent, there are different benefits to the physical body of a person who undergoes Muay Thai training.

It leads to development of more stronger and lean muscle build with defined muscle form. As this form involves use of different parts of body and muscles, a few minutes of Muay Thai training is highly demanding, and therefore the results. This fight training has become a key form for many who want to lose weight or enhance their body’s metabolism. You also get to improve your fitness levels, power and speed, along with cardiovascular stamina.

On the mental level, Muay Thai helps in improving the syncing between mind and body, increasing focus and concentration.

For those who are looking at some highly significant and effective form of self-defence training, I would definitely pitch for Muay Thai.

Some Key facts Related to Muay Thai

  • There are some form of Muay Thai competitions and bouts you can witness in Thailand, from small places to bigger stadiums.
  • ‘The Science of Eight Limbs’ was coined as Muay Thai was meant to emulate weapons of war – kicks for spears, punches for swords, elbows for hammers, knees for daggers, forearm blocks for armor.
  • The origin of Muay Thai is believed to be in 13th century, when ‘Siam’, the first Thai army was formed to defend the city of Sukhothai against other kingdoms and warring tribes. They gained training in hand-to-hand combat to kill their enemies, which consequently evolved into a fight art known as Muay Thai today.
  • While Muay Thai is popular in Thailand, it still has to pick the pace on a global level, a key reason why there is yet not grand money involved for fighters. A professional fighter would earn about $100 per fight, and the semi-pro ones less.
  • Usually, in Thailand, children as small as 8-10 years start their training in Muay Thai and they become high professionals by the time they reach their teenage or twenties.
  • Suan Kalap is the first modern Muay Thai boxing ring in Thailand, set up in 1921 in Suan Khoolab School.
  • Two most popular places to catch a glimpse of Muay Thai fights or competitions are Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok (hub of this sport), run by Royal Thai Army and Rajadamnern Stadium.

Whether you want to get self-defence training in Muay Thai, or experience some fight competitions when in Thailand, the options are galore for you in numerous camps, gyms and stadiums.

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