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Mental Health: An awakening of a generation

Mental Health: An awakening of a generation

I remember years ago where an unruly child or someone who is always depressed is categorized as a black sheep. Someone is not fit to succeed in society. Some attribute it as peer-influenced behavior or just someone who had no future. Now, many studies are showing that mental health played a part in their situation. Society is now open to helping those in need than just shoving them aside.

How important is mental health? It is as important as your physical health. Emotions, trauma, experience, and memories play a big role in your mental environment. Stress is recently shown as harming both mental and physical health. Burning out is among the many mental challenges many faces today.

Mental health is not solely focused on illnesses concerned with the brain but now has expanded to depression, anxiety, and stress. These are the drivers that can push one’s mind to its limits. The worst is that unattended mental health issues can result in would-be suicide. More and more NGOs are working to help those in need by just providing an ear to listen to their please and advice on how they can overcome problems.

Everyone is facing a problem. It is considered part of life, how we will deal with those problems depends on the number of solutions we are aware of. Now that the whole world can access the internet, they become more knowledgeable on previously unknown or unverified information.

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