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Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Russia invasion of Ukraine update – Russian missile assaults on the east-central Dnipropetrovsk region and the southeastern Zaporizhzhia region were reported by Ukrainian officials on Wednesday, causing considerable damage in the city of Zaporizhzhia.

According to a statement from the Zaporizhzhia Regional Council, the Russian military launched four cruise missiles on Zaporizhzhia on Wednesday. The city’s air defense fired down one missile, according to the report.

According to the council, at least one person was killed, three others were injured, and 62 buildings in the city’s residential neighborhoods were destroyed.

Valentyn Reznichenko, the chief of the Dnipropetrovsk regional military administration, said in a separate statement Wednesday that there had been persistent air raid alerts overnight.

“The enemy fired three missiles at Kryvyi Rih this morning,” Reznichenko said. “An industrial enterprise was hit. There is severe destruction. We are clarifying the information on the victims.”

According to a US official who provided CNN with a declassified map of the region on the condition of anonymity, Russia has built an “effective blockade” in the northern part of the Black Sea. According to the official, Ukraine exports around 10% of the world’s wheat, with the great bulk leaving through Black Sea ports. The UN’s World Food Programme chief has urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to reopen Ukrainian ports to export in order to avoid children around the world from going hungry.

According to a Mariupol official, at least 22,000 people were killed during Russia’s three-month assault on the Ukrainian port city. Petro Andriushchenko believes the genuine number is far higher, based on the numerous conversations he and other town hall officials continue to have with authorities locked inside. The figures cannot be verified independently.

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