Top 5 Things to Do During Christmas

Top 5 Christmas

Christmas is all about spending quality time with our friends, relatives, family and dear ones. This festive season is a month of celebrating joy and merriment with people around us.  A lot of fun takes places on Christmas day, December 25 which is around the corner. You would rather enjoy the Christmas Eve than the actual Christmas day if you are a fun-loving person.

There is a lot that you can do on the eve of the big day but you are not aware about. You can spend the night at a church vigil if you are a committed Christian; you can dance down the entire night in a nightclub or even stay in your house with family. You can listen the sound of the bells, the merriments and the laughter down the streets. You can also be a Santa Claus and surprise your children.  The choice of how to spend your Christmas Eve will largely depend on the type of lifestyle you live. Here’s a list of top 5 things to do during Christmas:

Donate a Toy:

Top 5 Christmas

Christmas is all about giving a gift to a child in need. This holiday is a heart-warming addition to your Christmas bucket list. Many shops and businesses will have Christmas Angel trees, where the ornaments hung are children’s wish lists.

Play a Game:

Top 5 Christmas

You can play some famous Christmas games with your friends, family and colleagues. The most famous game is Secret Santa. To play this game, write down the names of the players in chits and ask the players to pick a chit each. The player is the Secret Santa to the name he/she picks up from the chits. The secret Santa should give a surprise gift daily until Christmas and final reveal his identity to his Santa child on Christmas.

Watch Exciting Movie:

Top 5 Christmas

One of the best things to do from Christmas till New Year is to watch a good movie. The good thing is that you will get a wide variety of movies for Christmas to suit your needs satisfaction. There will be no limit on the movies to choose and you must ensure to settle for the best ones. They have no age limits because the message contained is religious and thus you can watch with your family including children.

Make Paper Snowflakes:

Top 5 Christmas

Making paper snowflakes is one of those activities for the whole family. You can make some to hang on the tree, decorate presents with others and even stick a few on the windows of your home for the neighbours to see. 

Sing Carols:

Top 5 Christmas

Singing Christmas carols is one of the oldest traditions still continuing in many regions and churches. What a good way to usher in Christmas day by singing Christmas carols on the eve of the big day. Singing with you family members in your house is the purest joy you can ever experience this Christmas season. Choose the best Christmas carols.

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