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Travel Precautions and Tips after Lockdown

Travel Precautions and Tips after Lockdown

It has been 3 months and the coronavirus pandemic has continued to spread and affect the masses across the globe. The number of total cases that have come up until April 1, 2020, has almost reached up to 9, 00,000 around the world. And unfortunately, the number of total Coronavirus cases have been surging at a rapid pace. Although, COVID-19 positive cases in India are too low as compared to what we have been seeing in the world’s most developed countries such as the USA, China, France, Spain and Italy etc. What is more worrying is that these numbers have spiked to nearly triple in the last few days only. Therefore, we are afraid that India is yet to see the COVID-19 peak spread.

The COVID-19 pandemic has crashed the economy globally and one of the most affected sectors in this pandemic is the Travel industry. The travel sector is bearing million dollars losses every single day owing to COVID-19 around the world. A lot many countries have been locked down for weeks and months amid the Coronavirus constant spread. The Government of India had also announced the 21 days lockdown from March 25, 2020, to April 14, 2020, after experiencing a spike in Coronavirus cases in the country. These 21 days lockdown is challenging for people, especially those who are travel freak and/ or having some important works that are on halt for three weeks straight due to the total lockdown. The fact is that we are all waiting for this lockdown to end on April 14, 2020, so that we can get back on track in our lives. However, we strongly recommend you not to roam around unnecessarily. Go outside if you really have some important work. Here are a few travel precautions and tips that you must follow while travelling after lockdown.

Avoid Travelling to Most Affected Countries

Though travelling to any country even after the 21 days lockdown ends is dangerous, however, you really to go, avoid visiting countries that are most affected by COVID-19 such as the United States of America (USA), Italy, Spain, China, Germany and France etc. These are the countries that have seen more than 50, 000 Coronavirus cases in these three months. The number of total COVID-19 cases in the USA is almost 2, 00, 000 whereas Italy also has more than 1, 05, 000 cases by the end of March 2020. Unfortunately, this number has not been decreasing. So, lockdown or not, we would advise you not to visit these countries until the COVID-19 is under control.

Maintain Distance with Sick People

It is so unfortunate that even after being technologically advanced, we are unable to find the vaccine of the Novel Corona Virus. And, what is more unfortunate is the fact that we might not see coronavirus cure for at least a few more months. In this alarming situation, if you have to go outside then you must make sure to maintain distance with people, especially the ones who are already sick. Maintaining a proper distance with people, in general, will lessen the chances of you getting infected.

Maintain Hygiene

As you are already aware of the spreading nature of Coronavirus, you must maintain hygiene even if you are not travelling. The need for maintaining hygiene and keeping hands and mouth clean becomes more crucial while you are outside of your home and/ or travelling. The reason being is that you might come into direct contact with so many things that could be infected while travelling. Hence, it is very important that you must clean your hands frequently to reduce the risk of contamination.

Consult the Doctors Immediately in Case You Feel Sick

Since Coronavirus infection has affected almost all the countries across the world, the spread of this is very high. Hence, by travelling, you are inviting unnecessary trouble. And, if you catch any of the symptoms such as dry cough, fever, body pain, flu or any other respiratory problem, it is highly advisable that you make a distance from your fellow passengers, family and friends. Contact the nearest medical facility available around you and ask for immediate help. Ignoring such symptoms can be very risky for you, your family & friends along with other passengers travelling with you.

Travel Insurance is a Must

Immediately travelling at this crucial time of COVID-19 pandemic even after the lockdown ends is very risky and must be avoided. And hence, having travel insurance is a no brainer. The travel insurance policies cover provide you with benefits in case you undergo some medical emergencies during your travel. Though these travel insurance policies cannot save you from getting infected with Coronavirus, these policies can, however, reduce the medical bills that you have to bear during the treatment. Despite the fact that almost every travel insurance policy covers COVID-19 during your trip, nonetheless, it is important to check the policy and diseases that your travel insurance covers Coronavirus infection.

Use Masks and Disinfectants

You must mask to cover your mouth and nose to prevent any chances of catching Coronavirus from COVID-19 infected person around you. Since the Coronavirus can transmit from person to person via mouth, eyes and nose primarily, it is very important to cover your face properly while travelling. Considering other ways by which Coronavirus has been infecting the masses viz. via touching your eyes, mouth and nose with unhygienic hands, it is very crucial that you carry hand sanitizers and hand wash while travelling. Carrying disinfectants is not enough, you must use them at regular intervals to keep your hands disinfected.

Seeing the inimical situation around the globe due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we would like to advise you NOT to travel anywhere even after the lockdown lifts. Considering the significant increase in the total number of Coronavirus cases throughout the world, it would not be surprising if the Government of India extends the lockdown period further. However, even if the lockdown lifts on the determined date i.e. April 14, 2020, you should not travel around immediately.

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