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5 new variants of virus active in MP

5 new variants of virus active in MP

Five new mutations of Kovid-19 virus are active in Madhya Pradesh, including Indore, which are spreading the infection rapidly. In February, 204 samples were sent to New Delhi to locate the new strain. In these investigations, it has been found that variants of UK and South Africa have also been found in patients of Indore. New strains not only increase the rate of infection, but also have the potential to affect antibodies.

New variants are damaging the immune system, causing people to become infected again in six to eight months. Even after being vaccinated, we are not able to escape from the virus. The long-term infection rate in Indore has been over 18%. According to doctors, the venom of the virus is accumulating blood clots in the body. Because of this, this problem is seen in 3-4 out of every 100 patients.

After some investigations, he is also given blood thinning medicine. This medicine has to be taken for 3-4 months after going home. Choithram’s Chest Physician Dr. Gaurav Gupta explains that in medical language it is called thrombosis.

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