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51 people killed in direct bus accident in Madhya Pradesh, search still on

51 people killed in direct bus accident in Madhya Pradesh, search still on

The bus going to Satna fell in a 22-feet deep Bansagar canal in Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday. 51 people have died in the accident. 7 lives have been saved. At the same time some people are still missing. According to the information, some bodies have been washed away due to the flow in the canal was fast. Doctors fell short at Rampur Naikin for postmortem of 51 dead bodies.

Doctors were called from all over the district, and postmortem of all the bodies was done. It is being told that this bus was to reach Satna via Sidhi via Churhat, Rampur Naikin, Badhbar and Govindgarh. The bus reached Churhat, but after that the driver changed the route at the behest of the students from Rampur Naikin. These students had an exam, so they had to reach Satna on time. Bus route changed to avoid jam and bad road

Actually, National Highway 39 from Sidhi to Satna passes through Chuhia Valley. The Chuhia Valley has been jammed for the last few days due to poor and incomplete roads. So many vehicles are going through Bagwar village before Chuhiya valley.

The driver of the bus also changed the route to avoid jam. The bus left from Sidhi at 6 am. It could seat 32 people, but the driver filled more than 60 people. Most of them were residents of Sidhi and Singrauli districts. The 12 boys and girls boarded the bus along with their mother or father to take Satna and NTPC to railway, NTPC and nursing exams.

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