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551 Oxygen plant to be built from PM Cares fund

551 Oxygen plant to be built from PM Cares fund

The country is battling a shortage of oxygen amid the second wave of Corona virus. The government has made a big announcement to save the breath of breath due to lack of oxygen. The central government said that more than 551 oxygen production plants will be set up in government hospitals from the PM Cares Fund in the country.

pm Modi has approved 551 medical oxygen making plants in the country with PM Cares Fund. The PMO said that as per the direction of PM Modi towards increasing the availability of oxygen in hospitals, the PM Cares Fund has approved the allocation of funds for the establishment of 551 medical oxygen production plants.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directed that these oxygen production plants should be commissioned as soon as possible. Oxygen production plants to be set up from the PM Cares Fund will be set up in the identified government hospitals at the district headquarters of various states and union territories.

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