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8 laborers drank sanitizer when liquor was called

8 laborers drank sanitizer when liquor was called

In Yavatmal district of Maharashtra, 8 people drank sanitizer to erase alcohol. After which his health deteriorated and on Saturday afternoon, 7 of them succumbed during treatment. Liquor shops are closed due to the lockdown in the state. It is being told that late Friday night, 8 villagers in Yavatmal’s Vani village sat together and drank a sanitizer. Everyone’s health deteriorated in the night. After this, the family took him to the district hospital, where 7 people died. A person’s condition remains critical.

Vaibhav Jadhav, an officer at Wani police station, said, ‘All were workers who died. If he could not find alcohol, he drank the hand sanitizer. Post-mortem of 3 dead was done, while the relatives of the remaining 4 performed the last rites without informing the authorities. The DM has ordered an inquiry into the case.

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