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A Miracle in Ratchaburi

A Miracle in Ratchaburi

Paralyzed Man Gets

This story is nothing less than what we see in a tragic movie, we see the protagonist suffer throughout the scenes. However, there is always a rainbow after every storm. This story has proven that angels and happy endings do exist.

Mr. Raj Karan Kumar, 49, an Indian national from a village named ‘ Khamuaah Bhatt’, Gorakhpur, India has been residing in Thailand for years.

5 months ago, Mr. Kumar was unfortunately hit by paralysis and was helpless. He had no one around him to take him to the hospital.

It was the Ratchaburi police station who showed up and fought to get him immediately admitted to the Ratchaburi local hospital. Mr. Kumar have been bed-ridden for quite some time by then and the hospital had to discharge him as the hospital deemed that further treatment could be done at home.

At that time, Mr. Kumar’s stars are not in his favor, his health started to deteriorate as his family in India was unaware of his condition and his friends in Thailand could not reach him or backed out from taking the responsibility.

It was again the Ratchaburi police station which stood by Mr. Kumar but yet didn’t know how to take it forward from there. The police station then contacted a young aspiring social worker and a representative of Indo Thai news and Jai Shri Ram Foundation, Mr. Jimmy Mishra.

Mr. Mishra, a fellow Indian national had encountered similar situations in the past and knew what exactly needs to be done in this case. With Mr. Mishra’s courage and support from Indo Thai News and Jai Shri Ram Foundation, Mr. Kumar was admitted to the old age home where he was looked after by a dedicated staff and showed signs of improvement in his health.

Mr. Mishra quickly learned that the recovery could be even more swift if Mr. Kumar is close to his family members in India.

He immediately conferred with Indo Thai News and Jai Shri Ram Foundation with regards to Mr. Kumar’s reunion with his family. Meanwhile, the super cops of Ratchaburi assisted with the paperwork.

As everything was looking up for Mr. Kumar’s departures, a series of hiccups occurred as all the ones involved were unaware of the bumpy ride ahead. With all the documents in place, somehow the fit-to-fly certificate got missed and Mr. Kumar was taken off the flight to spend a few more days in the old age home until all the paperwork is in place.

As the saying goes “all is well that ends well”, it was not long enough till everything got figured out and Mr. Kumar left for his homeland to reunite with his family without further complications.

Mr. Kumar is now with his family in Delhi, India, and recovering pretty fast.

The story could not have a better ending. Humanity is still full of compassion and kindness. Mr. Kumar’s story has shown how complete strangers come together to help people in need. The relentless efforts of the Ratchaburi police department and the quick response of Jimmy Mishra have resulted in a miracle. Angels do exist in every human heart.

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