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Aged Indian Cheated of 1.6 Million Baht

Aged Indian Cheated of 1.6 Million Baht

Aged Indian Cheated

An aged Indian man cheated of 1.6 million baht in Pattaya on March 20, 2022, and filed a police report. The 55-year old Indian National said that his friends cheated him of 1.6 million baht while he was in Pattaya. Mr. Chandan Kumar Dey said that his longtime friends, Gurnam Singh (Gama) & Gurcharan Singh (Guri) were the ones who took the money.

Gurnam Singh (Gama) & Gurcharan Singh (Guri) allegedly cheated Mr. Dey of 1.6 million baht while he was in Pattaya on March 19, 2022.

Mr. Gurnam Singh (Gama) & Mr. Gurcharan Singh (Guri) previously worked as promoters of walking street. They allegedly took him to Jomtien beach to party and drink until midnight. At some point after the party, Mr. Dey lent them his phone to ask for assistance in booking a cab. According to Mr. Dey’s testimony, the men said that one of their friends needed urgent help and they took off with their bike.

When he realized that his phone was with them and he had no transportation, he asked locals to assist him. He then managed to get a ride back to his hotel. He waited for a day for his friends to return his phone. Their phones could not be reached and they have not come to his hotel. At some point, he called the K Bank Customer Care hotline to check on his account. He was informed that his balance is 46 baht.

Mr. Dey asked for details and found out that about 1.6 million baht has been debited on March 19, 2022. The bank informed him three withdrawals of 500,000 each and a 127,000 withdrawal has been made. He contacted his friends who know Guri & Gama to track them and was told that they flew back to India on March 19, 2022.

The local police launched an investigation to track the routing of the transfers and will provide details soon.

Reported by: Indo Thai News – Pattaya Team

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