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Ban on entry of Indians to New Zealand, Singapore halts visa

Ban on entry of Indians to New Zealand, Singapore halts visa

In view of the increasing cases of Corona, New Zealand has banned the arrival of Indians.  The ban on entry of Indians into New Zealand will continue from April 11 to April 28.  Announcing this, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that 17 out of 23 cases of corona infection in her country in the last 24 hours were Indians.  They were all returned from India.  Therefore, it has been decided.  Singapore has also stopped visas of 8,000 Indians in view of rising cases of corona in India.  These are Indians who came to India from Singapore during the Corona period last year and now want to return.

 Prime Minister Jasinda Ardern said that cases of corona were coming out of the passengers coming from India.  Therefore, this temporary ban has been imposed.  This will also apply to the citizens of New Zealand.  Our government is also keeping an eye on more countries where cases of corona are increasing rapidly.  If needed, a ban will be sung on travelers coming from other countries.

 The jobs of 11 thousand people working in Singapore can also be lost.  There are 7 thousand Indians among them.  The labor department has issued an order that people from other countries doing the job have to get a work permit by May 1.  Permit will be granted only if the company has a quota of foreign workers.  The intention of the Singapore government behind this order is being told to provide maximum employment to the local people.

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