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Ban on satellite TV in Myanmar

Ban on satellite TV in Myanmar

Myanmar’s junta-controlled media on Tuesday announced a ban on satellite television receivers, making a big announcement. It was stated in this regard that there is a threat from national security from outside broadcasters. Along with this, warnings have been sent to jail if found violating this order.

In relation to this order, state TV, the official MRTV said, ‘Satellite TV is no longer valid. Whoever violates the television and video law, especially those using the satellite dish, will face one year in jail and a fine of five lakh kyat (about Rs 23,600)

MRTV further said, “Illegal media outlets are broadcasting news that challenges national security.” Explain that since the coup in Myanmar since February, large scale restrictions have been imposed on the mobile Internet. At the same time, the public is also continuously protesting against the military coup.

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