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Bangkok’s Union Mall will shut until May 27

Bangkok’s Union Mall will shut until May 27

Union Mall in Bangkok has been closed until 27 May due to Corona and lack of customers

Mall management made an exception for food vendors, announcing that restaurants and food service businesses inside could continue to operate. But in-person dining will not be allowed and the businesses could cook food only for pick-up takeaway or delivery service.

The mall made a statement announcing the mall will be closed from now until at least May 27, They stated that the decision was made to close the mall to help prevent any outbreaks or spread of Covid-19. The move would give businesses renting stores inside the mall a rest from worrying about running a business during the pandemic and risking infection, and also give them a break on rental expenses for a bit.

 Before Covid-19, the mall was a popular hangout spot for young hip mallrats shopping for the latest fashions.

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