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Beach or Mountain? What Suits You More for a Vacation?

Beach or Mountain? What Suits You More for a Vacation?

Excerpt: Are you a mountain person or a beach lover? If you do not know the answer, read this blog post to figure what your true calling is!

In India, whenever we think of going for a vacation with either friends or family, the first two sites that often come across our mind are mountains and beaches. The reason is that both these places are totally opposite from one another and yet attract the masses to a greater extent. If you compare both these places, you will find that these two sites possess absolutely different characteristics. Still, a large number of people like them both. So, if you love both mountains and beaches equally and are confused in deciding the perfect site for your next trip, let us make it a bit easy for you by sharing the attributes of both mountains and beaches. So, take a look at the differences between them first and decide what you suits more.


Beaches are warmer while the mountains are cooler.


Beaches often have sunnier weather whereas the mountains are mostly shadier.

Human Presence

Beaches are often heavily crowded while you will find true isolation and peace on the mountains.


You will find tons of options for accommodations near beaches whereas, with mountains, it is completely opposite.

Air Quality

The air is humid around the beaches while you will have dry and fresh air on the mountains.


While on a beach, you will hear the soothing sound of waves whereas, on the mountains, you will have a calming sound of the wind. (Both have their merits!)

Common Activities

Both mountains and beaches offer plenty of outdoor activities for tourists. While on beaches, you can go for swimming, boating, parasailing, or even take a Sunbath, mountains offer you the opportunity to do trekking, mountain biking, and nature photography etc. Besides, you can do water skis on beaches and snow skis in the mountains.


On beaches, you can have bathing suits and lose attires whereas, in the mountains, you will require extra layers of clothing.

As you can see, mountains and beaches have completely opposite attributes and features. Therefore, you need to figure out yourself which surroundings suit you better. However, to help you further, we will provide you with detailed information about the pros and cons of mountains and beaches. It will help you decide the most suitable holiday destination for your next trip. So, let us start with the beaches.

Pros and Cons of the Beaches

Benefits of a Holiday at the Beach

Plenty of Beaches

We are lucky to live in a country like India, which has a coastline area of more than 7500 kilometres. Meaning, we have plenty of beaches to roam around and enjoy the exquisiteness of their surroundings.

Climate of the Beaches

Most beaches have a tropical climate where the weather remains pleasant throughout the year, except for the seasons of extreme summer and winters, of course. So, if you take out a few months of extreme summer and winter viz., May, June and December, January respectively, you will have pleasurable weather conditions during the rest of the months.

The Soothing Sound of the Waves

Beaches are a bliss when it comes to hearing the soothing sound of the waves at the shores. The environment on the beaches relaxes your mind and gives you a chance to stay in solace if there are not many people around. Though in peak seasons or pleasant weather conditions, the chances of getting such a calming environment on beaches are next to impossible.

Leisure Activities Throughout the Day and Night

Beaches have such surroundings where the fun time never ends. Most beaches are active and full of life throughout the day and night. So, if you want to party hard with random people and have the most exciting time of your life, beaches are the perfect place for you.

Health Benefits at the Beach

There are plenty of health benefits of spending time at the beach. For starter, beaches are among the best place to be at for relaxing your mind and distress yourself. Besides, beaches have many psychological benefits and provide people with a feeling of refreshment and calmness.

Disadvantages of a Holiday at the Beach


Sunburns are one of the most irritating things that can annoy anyone spending their days off at the beach. There are high chances of getting sunburns because of direct sunlight and plenty of water around.

Sand All Over

Most of the beaches are sandy and hence, you will have a lot of sand all over the places. While some people enjoy the atmosphere, others do not like walking on the sand or the blowing sand on the beach.

Often Overly Crowded

Beaches are often overcrowded, and even after having soothing surroundings; you might not get the chance to spend some time in isolation. And, if you are one of those people who love spending time alone, beaches are not the right place for you to be at.

Loud and Noisy

Since a large number of people love holidaying on the beaches, you will have to bear a lot of noise. Thousands of people from across the country and even from different countries visit beautiful beaches in India. As a result, they are often quite loud and noisy.

Now that we are familiar with the surroundings of beaches and what you can possibly expect from your trip to the beach, let us also take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of vacationing in the mountains.

Pros and Cons of the Mountains

Benefits of vacationing in the Mountains

A Natural Paradise

Mountains are the natural paradise and take you close to Mother Nature. They give you almost everything from dense forests to flora and fauna, plants, lakes, fresh air and natural surroundings etc.

Disconnected and Relaxed Environment

You will get a relaxing feeling while being in the mountains. Mountains provide you with a stress-free environment, which helps rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Surrounded by Nature

If you love nature and like to spend some time with natural surroundings, mountains are the best place for you to be at. Mountains connect you to nature and give you a chance to know more about the natural bliss. The truth is that we are blessed with nature but sadly, take it for granted.

Morning Mist and Fresh Air

Mountains offer the pleasure of morning mist and fresh air that we do not get anywhere in our native cities. When you spend some time in the mountains, you will realise a great difference between the fresh air of the mountains, and toxic air of the cities that we breathe in every second.

Swim or Walk Barefoot

Mountains are often so neat and clean that you would love to walk barefoot on the grass. You may also swim in the fresh water of the rivers alongside and even enjoy fishing for long hours.

Privacy and Solitude

Mountains will give you adequate privacy and space to spend some quality time by yourself. Even in the most residential areas in the mountains, you will not get much crowd. If you prefer mental peace and quiet environment, mountains are your ultimate calling in life.

Disadvantages of a Holiday in the Mountains

Extreme Weather Conditions

In the mountains, the weather conditions are often quite dramatic and can change within a few minutes. The winds are often colder in the mountains than the flatlands and would pierce your body and freeze your breath if you have not put on warm clothes.

Detached from Comforts and Facilities

Mountains are good for shorter trips; however, if you stay for a longer tour, it would make your life hard (until and unless you are familiar with the way of living in the mountains). Since there is a lack of commercial development, you would not find everything you often require on a trip to some other flat lands.

Steep Roads and Unpaved Paths

While having a trip to the mountains, there is no assurance that you would get a broader road or even a flat surface to ride on. Sometimes, you will have to ride off-road for hours to reach your destination.

Difficult to Access Telecommunication Services and Networks

You will face great difficulty in connecting with your friends and family back at home when you have a trip to the mountains. Telecommunication services and mobile networks are difficult to access in most of the places in the mountains.

No Night Adventures

Most of the times, it is not safe to stay outside at night in the mountains. The reason is that the weather at night in the mountains is extreme cold. Besides, you may also face wild animals during the nights in the mountains.

Both mountains and beaches have their own pros and cons. For instance, some people are afraid of being alone whereas others find it very peaceful and serene. Therefore, it is advisable that you weigh all the pros and cons of the beaches and mountains before planning your next trip. However, no matter where you head to for your next trip, just be safe and aware of your surroundings. Have a nice trip!

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