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Changes in Corona’s testing policy

Changes in Corona’s testing policy

There has been a change in the policy regarding testing of corona in the country. If any positive has been detected in RTPCR and Rapid Antigen, then RTPCR will be needed again. On the other hand, RTPCR TEST will not be required for those who are discharged from the hospital after being repaired from Corona. If someone is traveling inter-state and he is healthy, his RTPCR TEST will not be needed.

There are 2506 labs in the country. In the second wave, due to more cases of corona and the infection of the staff working in the lab, the challenge regarding the test has increased, in view of which the testing strategy has been changed.

Hospitals are facing shortages of beds, medicines and oxygen due to increasing corona cases. There is also increased pressure on labs testing the corona. On the situation regarding oxygen, it has been said by the Health Ministry that there are definitely challenges on the ground. The number of cases has increased rapidly. The Center and the States are working together in this matter. When hospitals send SOS, it is challenging for everyone. We are trying to save every patient.

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