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Clothing Swapping: The New Idea of Partying

Clothing Swapping: The New Idea of Partying

When we hear the party, we know we will be going a venue, preferably a friend’s house and will meet a couple of our other friends or meet new people there, have some food and alcohol, dance a bit, maybe have some fun activities like some games and head back home. It is just a chill evening with friends. Some people who organise the party like to have a costume party, theme party, birthday party. Sometime back a new type of party has come into existence called clothing swapping party. But what is this clothing swapping party? Clothing swapping party is slowing becoming a trend in Thailand. Let us try to understand what exactly is clothing swapping party.

What is a clothing swap party?

In a clothing swap party, you invite your friends and ask them to carry with them a pre-decided number of clothes that they want to swap. The clothes which are decided to swap should be of good, clean and wearable condition, no torn clothes or clothes with broken zips allowed. Keep in mind to invite people with at least one match each size. Keep all the clothes on display, and the invitees can take the garments which they fancy from the lot. The host will make sure that no invitee will receive more than they brought for the party. The host can stipulate a time for the clothes swapping, let’s say two hours at the beginning of the party will be allotted for clothes swapping. After, the two hours the invitees can enjoy the food and wine the host have arranged.

Benefits of Clothing Swapping Party

Clothes swapping is good for the environment

According to some articles, fast Fashion is one of the most significant sources of waste in Thailand. Most of the people in Thailand throw away their clothes after wearing it once and at times they don’t even wear it. Through, clothing swapping party people can exchange their dresses with the clothes they require. Clothes swapping is an excellent example of sustainability in Fashion, the clothes are getting reused rather than buying new clothes and increasing the carbon footprint. Through swapping clothes, you are reducing the greenhouse emission as you are redirecting the materials for landfills and help in conserving the environment.

It will declutter your closet

How many times you must have bought some clothing item saying will wear it someday. And the piece of clothing hasn’t been touched yet. Clothing swapping is one of the best ways to declutter your closet and get rid of those things which are in good condition, but you won’t wear them anymore. Through clothing swap, you might not wear the cloth you got for swapping, but there will be someone else who will love the cloth you bought and would be wearing it. The phrase one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure is very apt for clothes swapping parties.

Clothing Swap will save a lot of money

We all tend to buy clothes which looks good when you purchased it, but when you actually wore it, the whole appeal of the outfit is gone. And now the outfit is neatly folded and kept in your closet, never worn. The money you have spent to buy that outfit has gone waste; clothes swapping will aid in saving you a lot of money. By getting your clothes from these clothes swapping party people will get what they want without every shelling a single penny. All they have to do is to get some good, clean, wearable clothes.

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