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Coffee Culture Around the World

Coffee Culture Around the World

Central Perk,The Orange sofa. 6 friends sitting around sharing their life and laughter with us. Coffee would never be the same again once F.R.I.E.N.D.S hit the air and revolutionised how coffee was perceived throughout the globe. As coffee house culture boomed across the
US, Europe, Japan etc. India couldn’t far, could it? Soon there was CCD opening up , followed by Barista and now in 2021, the humble coffee house of yore has transformed into its swashbuckling avatar

With boutique coffee shops becoming the rage over time, the population started to take note of the various coffee cultures existing in different countries. The young adult knows where and how to spend their money and cafes with there sit as long as you like vibe was an instant hit. Picking up the nuances of coffee culture native to different cities is now a yardstick to measure your coolness. So why should you stay behind. Let’s take a tour on the booming caffeine kick and how is changing the landscape of cities, nay countries.

With 70% of Irish people now drinking more than one cup of coffee a day Ireland has chosen to buy into the gourmet coffee culture. The focus is on drawing attention to the flavours in the coffee, thus putting a twist to the American Coffee culture. Trained baristas from the handful of Irish micro-roasters have made sure the world doesn’t escape the charm of an Irish Mocha on a cold winter morning.

The Italian choice of poison resembles their strong nature as they prefer their strong brew in tiny cups that one can sip away while standing at cafes or while on the run. Thus, the espresso was born. Literally meaning ‘fast’, the espresso is the go-to coffee choice to kickstart the day under the sultry Sicilian Sun. Remember to omit saying ‘an espresso on the go’ else that gaffe would cost you a few dismissive stares.

Long before the caffeine became indispensable in the West, Malaysia was concocting its favoured brew and what a beautiful result it got once they dark roasted kopi beans with butter and sugar over charcoal. The method gives you a smoother blend than you and I are used to, thus making Coffee an accompaniment at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Served hot, this humble Kopi served in a cup has come to accentuate the lifestyle choices in Malaysia and Singapore.

In 2018, Ukraine was boasting a championship winning roastery to woo its 40 million potential customers and Europe’s largest country hasn’t disappointed since then in integrating style andfinesse into its coffee culture. Cafes in Ukraine have mastered the art of roasting to the point that even local cafes can now work with the best beans from around the world. Baristas in Kyiv are putting focus on balancing sweetness, acidity, and bitterness for the coffee connoisseurs.

A walk down the streets of Bangkok reveals how the city has embraced caffeine while keeping its penchant for reinvention alive. Hipster cafes serving crafted coffees are asunder in the city’s nooks and crannies. The calorie packed sweet kafae boran has been replaced over time an espresso or a macchiato. The fanfare around cafes in Bangkok has much to do with patrons trying to keep up their Instagram game. With more and more youngsters in India taking to the coffee trend in India, coffee culture is here to stay for a long time ahead. Here’s to a cup full of happiness.

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