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Corona’s Round, Country Towards Lockdown

Corona’s Round, Country Towards Lockdown

The second wave of corona in the country is spreading at a very fast pace. Maharashtra is the most affected state of Corona in the country. More than 60 thousand cases are being reported in Maharashtra every day.

The state government has announced the imposition of strict lockdowns from 22 April, i.e. from today, although the government has not named it as a complete lockdown but it has been imposed like the previous lockdown. In all government offices, only 15 per cent of the employees are allowed to attend.

No wedding ceremony will be held in the state for more than two hours. Not only this, more than 25 people will not attend the wedding ceremony. All private passenger transports, except buses, can run only by emergency or for essential service or valid reasons. Private buses can seat 50 per cent of passengers and no passenger will stand and travel.

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