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Dilli Haat – An Ethnic and Cultural Tourist Destination in Delhi worth Visiting for Tourists

Dilli Haat – An Ethnic and Cultural Tourist Destination in Delhi worth Visiting for Tourists

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Delhi is a large and cosmopolitan city in India and is also the capital of India. I, like many tourists, from all over India and all over the world, visit Delhi. A main attraction for tourists in Delhi is shopping for local ethnic merchandise. For me one of the top places to visit is Dilli Haat as it is popular with both locals in Delhi and with tourists. It is a fantastic place to buy authentic Indian products. The Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Board of the Government of Delhi run Dilli Haat. It was established to promote tourism in the city. Dilli Haat is a perfect place for tourists to explore the culture, art, and heritage of a country which makes it very attractive to foreign tourists. The first Dilli Haat was established opposite INA Metro Station in 1994 and is spread over 6 acres of land in Delhi. The Dilli Haat has become a popular tourist attraction over the last few decades as it is an excellent tourist stop in Delhi and when I visited it I found out exactly why it is so popular.

The Name – Dilli Haat

I visit malls anywhere in India but I was looking for a place in Delhi to explore that showcases India’s culture. Dilli is the traditional name of New Delhi. As Delhi becomes more and more modern with luxury brands, elite shops and shopping malls, I felt Dilli Haat is the one place to get authentic merchandise. The traditional weekly markets in villages in India are called Haat. This name Dilli Haat showcases the traditional and ethnic side of India which many tourists from all over the world come to India to see and experience. I like it because it is a great place to buy Indian souvenirs, clothes, and other merchandise and sample some excellent food.

The following are some of the details of Dilli Haat and the features of this great shopping destination in Delhi:

Shops & Stalls at Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat was a top choice for me because it has quality merchandise at good prices. D.C Handicrafts regulates the system at which the shops and stalls are placed at the Dilli Haat. The artisans and craftsmen who want to sell their merchandise at the Dilli Haat have to register with the D.C Handicrafts authorities before they become eligible to sell at Dilli Haat. The craftsmen, art and handicraft sellers get to establish their shops or stalls at the Dilli Haat on a rotational basis and usually sell items showcasing the Indian culture. This means that there are different stalls and shops at different periods of time at the Dilli Haat. The craftsmen and retailers are given a stall space for a nominal fee for a period of 15 days at a time to sell their products. I liked that prices are usually not inflated at Dilli Haat and customers are encouraged to haggle with the seller to get a good price. This meant I could extend the number of items I could buy within my budget.

The Crafts and Arts Bazaar

The Dilli Haat is designed in such a way that it looks like a traditional bazaar which I found exciting. There is a scenic village-like atmosphere at the Dilli Haat which makes it a unique market in a large city like Delhi. There are beautiful thatched roof cottages, attractive stalls with vibrant designs and also small stalls and charming kiosks which took me into a different rural world. There are many types of native and ethnic products that are available from all over the country. Sellers, craftsmen, and artisans from all over the country sell their merchandise at Dilli Haat. I felt that it is the right place to visit for foreign tourists who want to experience the culture of India without spending months visiting every part of this large country.

Types of Merchandise at Dilli Haat

I felt it was usually a good idea to simply spend an entire day or a couple of days to explore Dilli Haat as it is a very large leisure and shopping destination in Delhi. Many types of merchandise can be bought at the market that showcases the culture, ancient ethnic background and the beautiful history and art that is part of the Indian culture. Clothes and footwear in ethnic patterns and designs are the most popular items on sale. I was immediately drawn to them. Home décor items like showpieces, linen, and hosiery items are also very exciting for tourists to purchase. Good quality silk and woolen fabrics, textiles and even draperies for home décor in the ethnic design are exciting items to shop for in Dilli Haat.

A weekend getaway to explore the stalls is a great idea because there is just so much good quality Indian merchandise to buy at Dilli Haat. I also loved exploring the stalls and shops that sold carvings, beaded jewelry, ethnic jewelry, brassware, and pottery. I was told a good time to visit the Dilli Haat is during the various events and festivals that are celebrated at the Dilli Haat. There are even portrait artists at Dilli Haat which I felt made it a very fun place to visit.

Food Bazaar at Dilli Haat

There are many food stalls at Dilli Haat which made it a very attractive tourist attraction in Delhi for me to visit. As there are craftsmen and sellers from all over the country that sell merchandise at Dilli Haat, there are also food stalls that sell authentic Indian food from different states at Dilli Haat. Some of the best food I liked at the Dilli Haat included lovely dished from Jammu and Kashmir, from Southern India, North-Eastern parts of India and also some great food from Gujarat and Maharashtra. The food is served in a traditional and eco-friendly way which was a different way to have a beautiful meal for me.

Dilli Haat showcase the best India has to offer in terms of its arts, culture, food, and heritage. I loved spending time at the Dilli Haat in Delhi and would recommend this tourist attraction as a must-visit in Delhi.

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