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Explore Pai: Backpacker’s Paradise

Explore Pai: Backpacker’s Paradise

Explore Pai: Backpacker’s Paradise

Pai, a quiet, mild, and delicate small town in Thailand, which was once an ambitious destination for the most ardent explorers and travellers, has become a popular destination for even the most laid-back backpackers.

Pai is a small town located just 119 km or 74 miles away from the famous town of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Indo Thai News, your best Thailand travel guide, brings you comprehensive and practical guide for a picturesque Pai days.

To-Do-List for Your Pai Days:

A View of Pai Canyon or Kong Long

Formed over thousands of years by erosion and stripping away of rocks, Pai Canyon or Kong Long is Thailand’s answer to the Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA).

Canyon or Kong Long

With its 30-meter drop, a narrow serpentine path, and the tranquil whisper of the wind, it is a place that makes even the hard-core traveller’s heart beat faster and is a visual delight, to say the least.

Jungle Trekking

Pai is located high up in the mountains which make it a desirable trekking spot but Pai’s treks have more to offer than just a climber’s fulfilment.

Jungle Trekking

The jungle treks of the Pai are not just a mere nomadic exploration. Instead, it offers insight into the lives and times of the fiercely independent and ethnic tribal population who live around the Pai, mainly the Karen, the Lahu, and the Lisu.

Such intimate proximity to man’s natural habitat is an enticing and formidable experience that most hard-core travellers and explorers crave.

Visit the Cheerful and Quirky Pai Cafes

Pai is not just mountains and hills. You will be amazed by Pai’s cultural diversity and its propensity to host travellers from all over the world.

Cheerful and Quirky Pai Cafes

The Pai’s upbeat and quirky cafes have become a one-stop shop for a diverse cultural experience.

Places to Visit in Pai

Here is a list of places that you can visit in your Pai days:

  • The Pai Memorial Bridge offers a panoramic view of the town and is a popular spot for sunset viewing.
  • The Wat Nam Hoo Temple is a beautiful Buddhist temple known for its intricate carvings and serene atmosphere.
  • The Pai Land Split is a unique geological formation caused by a fault in the earth’s crust. It is a magnificent sight to witness.
  • The Lively Pai Night Market offers a wide variety of local food and souvenirs for you to take home.
  • The Tha Pai Hot Springs arenaturally heated pools that offer a famous soaking and relaxing environment.

Road to Pai

Once you reach Chiang Mai, the nearest airport to Pai, you have several options to navigate your way to Pai.

Road to Pai

  • Bus
    The most popular and convenient way to get to Pai is by taking a bus from Chiang Mai. The bus ride takes about 3-4 hours, and several companies offer regular bus services to Pai.
  • Car
    You can rent a car or a motorbike in Chiang Mai and drive to Pai. The road is winding and hilly, and it takes about 3-4 hours to get to Pai.
  • Songthaew
    It is a pickup truck with bench seats in the back and is found in every city in Thailand. It’s a very affordable way to get around, and you can easily find one for Pai.

Note: The road between Chiang Mai and Pai is winding and hilly, and the journey can be pretty bumpy. So, taking proper medication is recommended if you are prone to motion sickness.

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Pai Thailand


The journey to Pai has its perks, embellished with lush green mountains, fascinating gorges, and cheerful-quirky cafes; it takes you beyond your mundane existence and into the pristine arms of nature for an aesthetic experience.

It is a place filled with sublime experiences and shall always be at the top of the list for both the novice and the experienced travellers.

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