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Famous Street Foods of Mumbai

Famous Street Foods of Mumbai

Popular street food of mumbai

Mumbai, the city of dreams, where millions of people step out every day with the dream of conquering the world in their eyes. Everything related to this attracts people towards it. Whether it is the Ganesh festival here, the nightlife present in the city, or the different types of food available here, the film world present in this city or the people who travel from mango to special here, Mumbai city As soon as I talk about it, I feel the gleam in my eyes. The talk of the city of Mumbai is unique. People from every province, every city have settled in the city of Mumbai, so the same diversity is seen in the food here. The cultural diversity of the city can be seen in Mumbai street foods. Mumbai is inhabited by Muslims, Gujaratis, South Indians, Parsis and Maharashtrians from all caste religions, so Mumbai street foods are also served to keep everyone’s taste in mind. The best part here is that the street food found here does not burden your pocket.

Let us look at some of the famous street foods in Mumbai serving the taste palette of all.

Vada pav

Vada Pav or the poor man’s burger, is one of the top picks in Mumbai street foods delicacy. It is a pav made with mashed stuffed potato vada. This food is served with spicy and sweet chutney and is accompanied by fried chilli and garlic chutney. Making vada pav a food to try.

Famous street food of Mumbai - Vada pav

Misal pav

Misal Pav is a popular Bombay street food. Which is made by adding potato bhaji, poha, chivda, chopped onion, and tomato. This hot and spicy street food of Mumbai is eaten with pav and curd.

Famous street food of Mumbai - Misal Pav

Bhel Puri and Sev Puri

Bhel Puri and Sev Puri are one of the best street food dishes in Mumbai. Among the vegetarian street food recipes in Mumbai, bhel puri and sev puri are the most popular. Bhel Puri is a Marathi chaat made with cooked rice, vegetables, and spicy tamarind chutney. Sev puri is another chaat which is essentially made of puri which is made from dried potatoes, onions, 3 types of chutneys (tamarind, chilli and garlic), and sev (crispy noodles made from chickpea flour paste). served with small pieces. It is eaten raw mango or with lemon and chaat masala.

Famous street food of Mumbai - Bhel Puri & Sev Puri

Batata vada

Batata Vada, also known as Aloo Bonda, is a popular Mumbai street food made of mashed potatoes wrapped in gram flour and deep-fried. It is seasoned with salt, turmeric, and red chili powder and the dish is served with green chutney and fried green chilies.

Famous street food of Mumbai - Batata Vada

Bombay Sandwich

Bombay Sandwich is a street food from Mumbai made from beetroot, boiled potatoes, cucumbers, onion rings, and buttered white bread slices with mint chutney in between. This sandwich comes with the toasted variant.

Famous street food of Mumbai - Bombay Sandwich

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