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Farmers organizations protest against lockdown

Farmers organizations protest against lockdown

32 farmers’ organizations in Punjab have decided that markets will be opened all over Punjab on 8 May to protest against the lockdown. The farmers have called upon the traders to work with the opening of the market on May 8 as before. Leaders of farmer organizations said that the government wants to ruin the common man in the name of lockdown and farmers will not let their intent be fulfilled. With this, on 10 and 12 May, once again the crowd of farmers will gather at the pickets on the Delhi border.

Farmers say that the central government has failed to fight against Corona. The government has failed to provide health facilities and basic facilities like oxygen, beds, medicines etc. to the citizens.

Governments are putting a lockdown to take anti-people decisions while hiding their failures. Due to this, the lives of farmers, laborers, shopkeepers and common citizens have been affected in a big way. It is the decision of 32 farmer unions of Punjab that on May 8, a large number of farmers, laborers, shopkeepers in Punjab will come on the streets and protest against the lockdown. Apart from this, a joint Kisan Morcha meeting will soon be held for the nationwide movement and a strategy for the movement will be made in it.

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