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Farmers stopped rail, tea-dumplings given in Haryana

Farmers stopped rail, tea-dumplings given in Haryana

Today, farmers have given a call for a rail roko campaign across the country to protest against the three agricultural laws. The campaign started at 12 noon and lasted till four in the evening. While the agitating farmers are constantly talking to the Indian government on the one hand, they are also engaged in giving the edge to the movement. In this episode, the rail roko movement is being organized across the country on behalf of the United Farmers Front.

The impact of this campaign is being seen in Ambala, Patna, Jammu and Kashmir, Palwal and Ranchi. In Jaipur, protesters have sat on the railway track. The Delhi Metro has closed four metro stations as a precautionary measure. After the campaign was over, the Railways said that it had little impact on the operation of trains and now all trains are running normally.

Today, farmers are organizing a rail roko movement against agricultural laws. Farmers have sat on the tracks in Sonipat, Ambala and Jind in Haryana in a four-hour long movement. Women are also included in this. Geeta Jayanti Express train has also been stopped in Kurukshetra. On the other hand, food and drink arrangements were made for farmers in Charkhi Dadri, Haryana. People in the village gave him tea-pakoras. At the same time, policemen and officers posted at the dharna were also fed.

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