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Forced to leave country with H-1B visa in US

Forced to leave country with H-1B visa in US

Due to Corona, the difficulties of overseas Indians living in America these days have increased greatly. Because, their jobs are going away due to the epidemic. In such a situation, there are only two routes left for those who are on H-1B visas. First- get a job and extend the visa period; second- leave the US and leave.

Although a grace period is granted for visas of this category, but it is compulsory to find another job during this time. But due to the extreme economy of the epidemic, people are not getting another job, so such people are being forced to leave America.

Due to the increasing cases of Corona, the US has imposed a travel ban on India, due to which the migrants are stuck here and there. There is no clarity on how long the travel ban will last. US consulates are also closed in India, so people trapped here are unable to get any information.

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