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#hijabrow Continues as Both Sides Take a Stand

#hijabrow Continues as Both Sides Take a Stand


#hijabrow has gained national headlines as religious tensions in the area increased. The dispute states that wearing a hijab is a fundamental right to religion guaranteed by the constitution. Twitter blew up yesterday as #hijabrow and #saffronscarf became the trending topic.

Many ahs posted comments regarding their support for either side. Among those that went viral is a Muslim girl seemingly trying to fend off boys wearing saffron scarves. Many expressed their support for the girl. They have sighted that wearing the hijab was her right. Another side of the coin shows the same girl in various photos seemingly preferring not to wear one.

A girl wearing a hijab has bravely confronted boys wearing saffron scarves
Photos of the same girl were posted on Twitter showing that she does not wear hijab regularly

The issue stems from the college’s uniform mandate. Many took to Twitter to express that the uniform is their way of expressing social equality. The schools said that the institutions encourage equality from caste, social-economic status, or religion. This is why they prefer a standard uniform.

Others sighted that Sheikhs are allowed to wear their turbans then Muslims should be allowed to wear their hijab and burkas. Another tweeter user said that if the hijab is their right, then the saffron scarf is ours.

Other sighted that many Muslim countries around are against wearing hijabs as it has become a symbol of women’s oppression.

In other institutions, their fellow students came to protest against the #hijabrow that at some point it became a chant of “Jai Shri Ram” and “Allahu Akbar”. Many also sighted that this should not stem from a war between religions.

Court Ruling

At a court ruling, the local court decided that “a larger bench” should decide on the case. The case is based on the student’s dispute that they should be allowed to wear their hijabs and burkas.

Social media has followed the trend as it continues to grow.

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