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Hornbill Festival Coming Soon!!!

Hornbill Festival Coming Soon!!!

“Land of Festivals” Waiting for You
(Get Ready: 1st to 10th December)

Hornbill Festival is one of the most prestigious celebrations of Nagaland. It is praised each year from first to tenth December. There is an immense get-together for fun through drinking, eating, singing, and moving. It is perhaps the biggest festival of the indigenous warrior clans of Nagaland. Naga individuals have a rich convention of keeping up their remarkable legacy and customs.

Hornbill Festival

The state is known as the ‘Land of Festivals’ and individuals staying here have a partiality to praising the deeds of their old warriors and society legends. Additionally, the varieties that deify romantic tales, people tune, and gospel melodies are likewise esteemed. The celebration is named after Hornbill, one of the most regarded winged creature species in the state. The state’s populace still majorly relies upon farming for their living. So, the vast majority of their celebration’s traditions and exercises rotate around farming.

When is Hornbill Festival Celebrated?

From 1st to 10th December Every Year

Where is it Celebrated?

The Hornbill celebration is held at the Naga Heritage Village (Kisama), around 12 kilometers from Kohima. It starts at 9 am each day. You can arrive at the scene by booking a taxi.

Hornbill Festival

How is it Celebrated?

Organized by State Tourism and Arts and Culture Department, Government of Nagaland, the aim is to establish congruity among tribes and promote culture and tourism. Voyagers are heartily invited and are dealt with well. The festivals are gone to by all the significant clans of Nagaland who present themselves with different expressions, people melodies, moves and games. There are various showcases of handiworks, handloom, multi-cooking styles, etc. Rice brew is something to indulge in during the visit.

Night times are lit by the exciting Hornbill National Rock Concert in which groups from everywhere throughout the nation and abroad take part to contend. This is trailed by the stunning Night Market in the town. Be that as it may, the most alluring occasion at the celebration is Naga Chilly eating rivalry. Furthermore, the pork eating celebration which draws a great deal of group inspires a lot of exhibition and energy.

Hornbill Festival

Traveler’s Guide

  • Ensure to book your stay away to avoid last minute rush.
  • Outsiders are never again required to have the Entry Permit to visit Nagaland. Notwithstanding, they should enlist themselves with the Foreigner’s Registration Office (District Superintendent of Police) inside 24 hours of their entrance into the state.
  • There is a useful Information Center situated close to the celebration site for tourists help.

How to Reach Kohima, Nagaland?

Hornbill Festival

Three options available are:

by Road:

NH39 which is an interlink associating Kohima to Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Mizoram and Manipur. The state expressways co-joins from Guwahati to Shillong where different states are gotten to. Individual taxis and transports are accessible to reach Kohima.

by Train:  

Kohima doesn’t have its very own Railway Station as a result of its intense sloping territory. The nearest rail interface is in Dimapur, which is associated with the significant towns of Guwahati and Kolkata. Despite the fact that going via train can be a moderate undertaking, it by and by is the most ideal approach to reach Kohima. It is the least expensive as well as it leads through the absolute most grand perspectives on the stunning mountain valleys and slopes.

by Flight:  

Kohima doesn’t have its very own air terminal and the closest air terminal is in Dimapur, a way off of 74 kilometers. International flyers will initially need to get off at either Kolkata or Delhi terminals and afterward get a corresponding flight to Dimapur. From Dimapur, it’s a two-hour taxi ride to Kohima. In any case, the choice of a 30-minute helicopter ride from the air terminal is likewise accessible on the off chance that you are in a rush.

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