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India’s proposal got US support

India’s proposal got US support

The administration of US President Joe Biden supported the proposal to remove the patent from the covid-19 vaccine. Countries like India and South Africa are constantly advocating for the removal of patents in the fight against coronaviruses to increase the reach of the vaccine as much as possible. US Trade Representative Katherine Ty issued a statement stating that the US supported the removal of the patent for the covid-19 vaccine. He said that ‘this is a global health crisis and for extraordinary circumstances we will have to resort to extraordinary measures.’

This statement said that although the US strongly supports the rights of intellectual property, it is with a proposal to remove the patent from the covid vaccine to end the epidemic and it will put full emphasis in the World Trade Organization.

Ty said that ‘However, it may take time, given everyone’s consent there and the complexity of the case. The US administration aims to produce and distribute vaccines by providing adequate vaccines for citizens. America will also try to increase the raw material.

India is constantly appealing to the World Trade Organization to allow more and more pharmaceutical manufacturers to make vaccines, but big companies are opposing it.

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