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K Vijayaraghavan: Corona’s third wave set to arrive

K Vijayaraghavan: Corona’s third wave set to arrive

K Vijayaraghavan, the principal scientific advisor to the central government, has given a more serious warning about the epidemic. He said that the way the virus is spreading rapidly, the third wave of the corona epidemic is set to come, but it is not clear when and at what level this third wave will occur.

Vijayaraghavan said that different variants of the corona virus spread like the original strain. They cannot spread in any other way. Like the original strain of the virus, it infects humans in such a way that it becomes more contagious as it enters the body and replicates itself.

They stated that vaccines are effective against current variants. New variants will be revealed all over the world with India but there will be more variants which will be more contagious. He said that scientists from India and all over the world are working fast by developing warning and modified tools to predict and work against such variants. He said that this is an intensive research program going on in India and other countries.

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