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New Executive Committee Elected of India Thailand Chamber of Commerce

New Executive Committee Elected of India Thailand Chamber of Commerce

India Thailand Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee


The India-Thailand Chamber of Commerce (ITCC) has recently appointed a new executive committee led by the visionary and experienced Susheel Dhanuka Ji as the president.

Along with him, the committee comprises a group of innovative and energetic directors. The 12 directors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to drive the chamber’s mission of promoting economic and commercial ties between India and Thailand.

The new executive committee includes Pawan Kumar Mishra, Nattapon Chawla, Amit Lal Singh, Jaimal Thakral, Ajit Mehta, Hiran Jain, Nikorn Sachdev, Mahesh Ramchandani, Biren Surendra Parikh, Karan Singh, and Manish Maharaj.

Each of these directors comes from diverse backgrounds and bring unique skills and expertise to the table. Together, they commit to building upon the successes of the past and driving the ITCC forward into an exciting new chapter.

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Pawan Kumar Mishra Elected as a Director of ITCC

Pawan Kumar Mishra, the founder of Indo Thai News, was elected as one of the directors of ITCC.

He expressed gratitude saying, “In honour of being elected as the Director of India Thai Chambers of Commerce, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude and thank all for believing in our team and myself and giving their precious votes.

Along with the newly elected committee, we will strive to take ITCC to a greater height with our vision and hard work. I hope our team will be able to stand up to your expectations.”

A Brief History of India Thailand Chambers of Commerce

The India Thai Chamber of Commerce (ITCC) was founded in 1974.  Established as a formal organization supporting and facilitating trade and investment between Thailand and India.

As a non-governmental and industry-led organisation, the ITCC plays a proactive and dynamic role in developing bilateral relations between the two countries. It acts as a crucial bridge between their respective business communities.

ITCC is a vital and influential institution that has significantly advanced bilateral relations between Thailand and India for almost five decades. By supporting businesses, fostering cultural and social ties, and promoting economic development, the ITCC is helping to create a more prosperous and interconnected future for both the nations.

Roles and Responsibilities of India Thailand Chambers of Commerce

The multifaceted responsibilities of the ITCC extend beyond commercial interests, encompassing social and cultural aspects as well. The chamber addresses diverse needs of our members. It offers a comprehensive range of services designed to support their growth and development in the region.

ITCC provides guidance and advice to members regarding potential investment opportunities and strategies for doing business in Thailand. Which is one of its several core commercial activities.

The chamber also leverages its extensive network and deep understanding of the local business landscape. It serves as a valuable resource and partner to companies seeking to establish or expand their presence in the country.

The chamber goes beyond promoting trade and investment policies. It actively engages in various initiatives to enhance education and skill development between the two countries. Through these efforts, we help build strong and lasting relationships that benefit both nations.

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