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Now corona test is not necessary for treatment in hospital

Now corona test is not necessary for treatment in hospital

It will no longer be mandatory to have corona infection tested for treatment in hospitals. In this regard, the central government has issued new guidelines, under which the national policy of getting patients admitted in hospitals has been amended.

covid positive reports were mandatory for admission to hospitals. As part of the new change, the imperative of the report has now been removed. Previously reported cases had to be very disturbing for the patients. At the same time, many patients had also lost their lives. In such a situation, the Union Health Ministry issued new guidelines. Also, instructions have been given to the Chief Secretary of the States and Union Territories in this regard. They have been told that the new policy should be implemented in three days.

Under the new policy of the Central Government, the suspected patients will be admitted in the suspended ward. These wards will also be built in covid care centers, fully dedicated covid care centers and covid hospitals. It has also been clarified in the new policy that patients cannot be denied treatment on the basis of their state as well.

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