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Overseas extended a helping hand for India

Overseas extended a helping hand for India

Allied countries have offered help to India struggling with the second wave of Corona. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson released a statement on Sunday evening. Said- We are standing with India in this difficult time.Shortly after Johnson’s statement, the UK government’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement. Said- 600 medical equipments are being sent to India immediately. These include oxygen concentrators and ventilators.

On the other hand, the Burj Khalifa was painted in the color of the Indian tricolor. Through this, the message of standing with India was conveyed.France and Germany have made preparations to increase medical oxygen capacity in India. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has named it ‘Mission Support India’. After this, Australia also said that they will help India in every way possible.

The Singapore government on Sunday evening left a shipment for India. This includes oxygen concentrators and other medical equipment. The luggage has been flown to India via a special flight from Air India. Two days ago, the Singapore Government contacted the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

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