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Pastry Class with Chef Tarek Hosari

Pastry Class with Chef Tarek Hosari

HOM Kitchen || Nana Square || Bangkok

Indo Thai News proudly presents a 3-hour session of Pastry class with him in collaboration with Universal Foundation for Persons with Disabilities and invited 19 kids from Setsatian School for the Deaf to join this fun event with us as they also learn to bake and meet him in person.

About the Chef:

Tarek El Hosari is a 33-year-old Lebanese living in Dubai. His profession is a Pastry Chef with more than 10 years of experience in various organizations. The journey was not easy at all but through hard work and perseverance, things shaped up well. Despite being a hearing impaired, he made a career commitment to the pastry industry, and now starting a tutorial career through his YouTube Channel “Deaf Chef Tarek Hosari.” His videos are targeting mainly the deaf community in the Middle East and across the World.

Words of Wisdom: “With hard work and dedication, you will turn pain into opportunities.”

Slogan: “I speak to you with my hands to hear me with your eyes.”

The recipe he taught were very easy and yummy. People loved his Cookies & Cheese Cake.

The School Administration loved the interactive classroom teaching method. Kids were having fun and learning at the same time. Baking as a career is also a great opportunity for these budding souls.

A Great Initiative by Indo Thai News, Stay tuned to help us do more such Charity Drives & Programs.

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