Petrol and diesel prices continue to rise on the 12th day

Petrol and diesel prices continue to rise steadily. Fuel prices again increased on Saturday. Petrol and diesel prices have been recorded for the 12th consecutive day. After the increase, petrol in the national capital Delhi has gone beyond Rs 90.50 per liter. This is the highest level till now. Fuel prices in Delhi have increased from 37 paise to 39 paise.

According to the oil company Indian Oil Corporation, petrol in Delhi increased by 39 paise to Rs 90.58 per liter, while diesel rose 37 paise to Rs 80.97 per liter.

Talking about other metros, after the fresh increase, petrol in the financial capital of the country touched the level of Rs 97. Petrol in Mumbai increased by 38 paise to Rs 97 per liter. The highest price of petrol in metros is in Mumbai.

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