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Rahul’s CAA opposition in assam

Rahul’s CAA opposition in assam

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is in Assam. He used the slogan Hum Do-Hamare, in Sivasagar district, while taunting Modi-Shah. Rahul and the rest of the Congress leaders appeared on stage wearing a “No CAA” scotch. We have put a cross on it. No matter what it means, CAA will not. Let us hear our two, anything will happen but there will not be a CAA here. ‘ Rahul Gandhi talked on three issues, he said that

There is no power in the world that can break Assam. If anyone tries to touch the Assam Accord or spread hatred, the Congress Party and the people of Assam will together teach them a lesson.

Rahul said that TV can run from remote, not CM, your Chief Minister only listens to Delhi-Gujarat. The Chief Minister in Assam should be of Assam, which works for the people of Assam.

He also spoke on the tea garden laborers. Rahul said that if the Congress government is formed in Assam, we will create employment in Assam. Today, 167 rupees a day is given to tea laborers. If the Congress government is formed, we will add 200 rupees to it.

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