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Rahul’s farmer politics continues

Rahul’s farmer politics continues

Today is the second day of Rahul Gandhi’s Rajasthan tour. He first appeared at the Tejaji temple in Kishangarh, Ajmer. After this, while addressing a tractor rally in Rupangarh, Rahul said that the objective of the first law is to kill Mandi. The second law says that the industrialists of the country, who want to keep fruits, vegetables and grains in storage, can keep them.

The third law says that if a farmer goes to the industrialists of India and asks for the right price, he will not be able to go to court. The new law will not only harm farmers. The street vendors, the trails, the small traders will all be ruined. Here too, Rahul said more or less the same things that were said in the meetings of Pillibanga and Padampur a day earlier.

Trolinuma stage was specially built for the Rupangarh rally. The cot was placed on the stage in Pillibanga, while the pads were placed in Padampur. After this, Rahul also addressed the rally in Makrana, Nagaur.

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