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Shiv Sena’s target on Center and Supreme Court, is this hell

Shiv Sena’s target on Center and Supreme Court, is this hell

15 patients died in a fire in a private hospital in Virar West, adjacent to Mumbai, early Friday. On this incident, Shiv Sena has targeted the Central Government and the Supreme Court while writing an editorial on Saturday. The title of the editorial is ‘What the hell is this?’

In this, Shiv Sena has blamed the central government for the current situation in Corona. At the same time, questions have also been asked to the Supreme Court. It has been written in Saamana that the Supreme Court has now taken notice of Kovid’s position in the country. But such a situation would not have happened if the Supreme Court had taken care of the leaders, Prime Minister, Home Minister’s roadshow and Haridwar Kumbh at the right time.

Targeting the BJP and the Center, the Shiv Sena has written, ‘Modi and his allies had to make the country a paradise. He asked for votes only for that, but now the country seems to be building a crematorium and a cemetery. Somewhere the community pyre is burning, somewhere the hospitals are burning with the patients themselves. Good days, heaven is far away, but what the hell is that? A similar question arises after looking at the current situation in the country.

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