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Successfully Make Digital Detox

Successfully Make Digital Detox

What are the 4 steps to Successfully Make Digital Detox?

From smartphones to navigation systems, our lives are full of screens to connect with. We wake up with them, come home with them and carry them in our pockets all day long. So it may not be surprising that experts are warning that such constant exposure can damage our health.

A digital detox is a great way to stay productive, and balanced in a digital world. Whether by computer, tablet or smartphone, we are constantly losing focus and attention towards us. And, if we don’t let ourselves recharge and restart, it could mean a problem for our brain. A digital detox activity gives us the opportunity to retreat temporarily. When we are digitally detoxified, we are more productive, and have a different perspective.

Turn off Notifications

The first step of your digital detox process. To reduce your digital dependency, turn off push notifications from your devices to social media apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, news sites, dating apps – anything that alerts you when someone contacting you or, commenting on a post. You can set a specific time of day to check each digital platform, and set a time limit that you will spend on the site, such as 20 minutes.

Be Gradually Off

At first, you need to relieve yourself from breaks in the digital world. Work at the beginning by putting the phone down for 15 minutes without looking at it in one day. The next day, disconnect with technology for 30 minutes. When you feel ready to disconnect a whole day, you have already gained the ability to keep digital addiction out of the sight. Put your phone in a drawer and spend the day connecting with real people. Whether you’re meeting with family or friends.

Warn Everyone

Not being connected 24 hours a day has practically become a cultural taboo. Many people’s biggest fear about having a digital detox is that others won’t be able to contact them. If you’re ready to take the leap for a full day or a weekend, enable safety, and protection mode for your wellness. Announce family, friends and colleagues that you will disconnect from the virtual world. And you can use technology for this communication. At least one week in advance, send email, text, and tweets, and set up an out-of-office message. You can also write in your user and social media profile that you will be inaccessible for that time period.

Be Prepared for Temptation

There are so many thing to do. Consider buying magazines, reading a book, walking in the park, taking part in fitness program, organize an indoor party and talk to your friends, relaxing, going to the movies to watch that movie you were waiting for in complete privacy, taking pictures with your friends, start a study, etc.

When you are fully present at the moment, you will feel more thoughtful, your anxiety and stress level will decrease, and you will develop a stronger relationship with friends and family. After all this is your responsibility to your body and mind.

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