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Supreme court seeks answers regarding privacy policy

Supreme court seeks answers regarding privacy policy

The Supreme Court told WhatsApp on Monday that after your new privacy there is a lot of apprehension about privacy among the Indian people. Chief Justice SA Bobde said that even though you will be a multi-billion dollar company, the value of privacy for people is more than money. The Chief Justice has sought answers from WhatsApp, Facebook and the Center on petitions challenging this privacy policy.

The Supreme Court has sought a response from WhatsApp on allegations of dropping the privacy standard in India compared to Europe. WhatsApp said on this that Europe has special laws about privacy. If there are similar laws in India, then we will follow them also.

WhatsApp users who upload, submit, store, send or receive content, the company can use it anywhere. The company can also share that data. The policy was to come into force from 8 February 2021, but the deadline has been extended to 15 May after the controversy escalated. It was previously claimed that if the user does not approve this policy, then he will not be able to use his account. However, the company later called it optional.

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