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The first American aircraft arrived in India

The first American aircraft arrived in India

The first consignment of essential medical supplies sent by the US to help India fighting the Corona virus reached Delhi on Friday (April 30). The US Embassy tweeted that the American aircraft has arrived at the International Airport in Delhi with 400 oxygen cylinders, about 1 million corona test kits and other equipment.

US Embassy tweet and wrote, ‘The first plane from the US to reach Corona relief has reached India! America has always been with India in the last 70 years of friendship. We are together even in the Corona crisis. ‘ The tweet also spelled #USIndiaDosti.

Many member countries of the European Union (EU) have come forward to help India to help deal with the Corona epidemic. European Union countries such as Ireland, Belgium, Romania, Luxembourg, Portugal and Sweden announced on 27 April that they were sending medical supplies such as oxygen concentrators and ventilators to the country through the Union’s civil defense system. Now France, Italy, Austria and Finland have also joined this list. The EU said in a statement that help is expected to be sent from other member countries of the EU, including Germany, in the coming days.

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