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Top News of the Week in Thailand June 10-12

Top News of the Week in Thailand June 10-12

1. MRT Blue Line Fare Increase Approved

The cabinet has approved a fare rise for the MRT Blue Line, effective from July 3, 2024. The new fare will range from 17 to 45 THB.

2. Thailand National Team Falls Short in World Cup Qualification

On June 11, the Thai national football team defeated Singapore 3-1 at Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok. Despite the victory, Thailand was eliminated from the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualification due to an insufficient goal difference, needing more than a three-goal margin. Concurrently, China’s 1-0 loss to South Korea also influenced the outcome.

3. Tragic Fire at Chatuchak Market

A devastating fire broke out at Chatuchak Market in Bangkok before dawn on Tuesday, killing over 1,000 pets and ornamental fish. The blaze, which started at 4:30 AM, destroyed all 118 stores in the market’s pet zone. Firefighters took about an hour to extinguish the flames. An investigation is ongoing, with preliminary suspicions pointing to an electrical short-circuit as the cause.

4. Sand Erosion at Najomtien Beach

Local Pattaya officials conducted an inspection on Monday to address severe sand erosion at Najomtien Beach caused by monsoon winds and waves. A 400-meter stretch of the beach has been eroded down to a 1.5-meter slope, posing safety risks to the public and tourists.

5. Thailand’s Rising LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity

Thailand is being recognized as a leading destination for polysexual people, not just for tourists but also for entrepreneurs and investors. This reputation was bolstered on Sunday with the launch of “Pink Plus Economy” by, focusing on an ecosystem to support LGBTQIA+ communities in Thailand. A recent poll shows over 99% of Thais support the Marriage Equality Bill, with the top reasons being marital rights for same-sex couples, the right to manage a spouse’s assets, and the right to sign consent forms for a spouse’s medical treatment.

6. Qatar Airways Flight Incident

Passengers on Qatar Airways flight QR204 experienced severe discomfort when the air-conditioning system malfunctioned while awaiting takeoff on Monday. Among the passengers were 49 members of Thailand’s national Muay Thai team, staff, and reporters returning from the IFMA Senior World Championships 2024 in Athens.

7. THACCA SPLASH Soft Power Forum 2024

The THACCA SPLASH Soft Power Forum 2024 will be held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center from June 28 to 30. Admission is free, and the forum will be held annually.

Paetongtarn Shinawatra, leader of the Pheu Thai Party and deputy chair of the National Soft Power Strategy Committee, stated that the forum will mark the starting point for the government’s soft power policy, aiming to promote tangible measures to the public. The policy focuses on enhancing the creative economy through the development of Thai talents and products.

She noted that the event is the first “international soft power conference” and will feature presentations from the government, private sector representatives, and renowned global brands across various industries. Additionally, there will be exhibitions detailing the policies and potential the government aims to promote, workshops, and discussions on industry-specific policies, along with opportunities for matchmaking between Thai and foreign entrepreneurs to create new opportunities.

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