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Trump acquitted of impeachment for the second time

Trump acquitted of impeachment for the second time

Former US President Donald Trump has been acquitted in his second impeachment trial. The impeachment process in the Capitol Hill riots on 6 January led to voting in the Senate, in which 57 senators found him guilty while 43 senators found him not guilty. In such a situation, the Senate could not get a two-thirds majority to convict Trump.

Trump welcomed the decision and called the action against him ‘the next phase of the biggest witchhunt happening in the history of America’. Pointing out that he would remain in politics and participate in elections, he said that the patriotic and beautiful campaign of Make America Great has just begun. Trump has been living in his Florida club since leaving the White House.

Let me tell you that in the 100-member Senate, both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have 50-50 MPs. But to impeach Trump in the impeachment, two-thirds of the vote ie 67 votes will be required. If there is a situation of tie for any reason, then Democratic Party leader Kamala Harris, who is also the Vice President, can win the Democrats by casting his vote.

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