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Unlocked from europe to america

Unlocked from europe to america

The second wave of coronavirus has brought relief news from many countries. Many countries have slowly started unlocking right after a long, long lockdown, so that the pandemic can bring back to normal life. Britain and America are at the forefront, so restaurants, schools, shops, bars and other facilities have also been reopened in countries such as France, Greece, Austria, Denmark. Although in many places they have been opened with conditions, but even this freedom has given people a chance to celebrate happiness.


The weekend was fun in the UK. Restaurants, bars, music halls are packed. After a long time, people celebrated the freedom, the unlock, on the streets. The government wants to end the lockdown by May 19.


Disneyland in the US was closed for 412 days. Many people wept openly. The Disney staff also could not stop the tears on seeing the people.

The next phase of unlock started from Monday. Secondary and high school were opened. Travel ban up to 10 km removed i.e. now there is an exemption for commuting. But work from home, curfew will remain in force after 7 pm.


The café, the restaurant, has reopened after 6 months in Greece. People arrived at the historic sites, restaurants and cafes with the family after the lockdown was relaxed.

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