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9 Ways to Celebrate Navratri During Quarantine

9 Ways to Celebrate Navratri During Quarantine

Navratri is customarily celebrated twice a year that is, during spring (March-April) and autumn (September-October), when everything in the nature starts experiencing change. The nine- day celebration of Navratri in 2020 starts on 25th March, committed to goddess Durga and all her nine symbols. These nine evenings, praising the Devi, are said to be valuable as there are inconspicuous energies in the creation that are enhanced during this time. These energies upgrade the experience of going inwards, supplicating, reciting and other spiritual practices. According to the Indian convention and culture, the festival incorporates a progression of yagnas and hawans to remove the negative energies in nature, bringing prosperity and harmony. These practices also ingrain love for Mother Nature as they make our mind and soul pure.

This time the celebration of Navratri cannot be done or seen as before due to the wide spread pandemic Coronavirus. Everyone is lockdown but this must not stop the devotes to celebrate the festival.

Lets checkout ways how one can celebrate Navratri during the Lockdown period:

  1. Read Religious books/Scriptures:

One can go for Ramayana path or Durga Shaptshati path at home.Usually people visit temples to listen these scriptures or as pandits to come over and recite for them. But why not yourself. It’s a great way to teach our kids also about our religion and culture.

  •  Watch Mythological Programs:

Remember watching Ramayana, Krishna and Mahabharat on Sunday morning on Doordarshan. Why not do it again. With Smart TVs or Smart Phones one can re-live the era of 90’s.

  • Detox Yourself:

Gods & Goddess do not reside in temples only. Your body is also a temples-a place which should be pure and full of positive vibes. Try to detox your inner self in these nine days. You can opt for fasting or meditation and energize your chakras.

  • Decorate Your Temple:

 Rituals such as puja and aarti or offering can be done in your house temple. You can redecorate your temple by using flowers, lighting or DIY techniques. One can also make clothes for God & Goddess.

  • Clean Your Home to Make it Germ Free:

 Navratri means purity of body & soul. But this is possible if you keep your surrounding too clean. The quarantine time allows you ample of time to discard all the unwanted goods from your house and do some nice cleaning of the house. You can delegate each member to clean their room or declutter their stuff. Why only wait for Diwali for that deep cleaning exercise?

  • Do Hawan/Burn Camphor/to Purify Air:

Its said that by doing hawans at home or by lighting camphor’s, agarbati’s , etc the germs around us gets killed and purifies the air. So why not do it especially when we have to fight against the deadly virus corona.

  • Search Vrat Recipes only and Cook:

Instead of cooking regular meals go for some interesting recipes. There are thousands of vrat food recipes available online. You can make nice desserts or eatables and serve your family.

  • Do Bhajan/Kirtan:

To bring the festive vibe at home recite some devotional songs and bhajans. Do not invite anybody from outside but simply perform with your family members. Use musical instruments to create more melody.

  • Offer food to Needy People and Animals:

In this crucial time when the whole world is suffering and if have the privilege to work from home and receive salary too, think about those who are jobless.  Instead of feeding nine girls this time lets feed nine houses. Or give foods to street animals who depends on us. After all, serving humanity is best worship one can do.

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