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IIT Alumni Association of Thailand (IITAAT) Elects New Executive Committee

IIT Alumni Association of Thailand (IITAAT) Elects New Executive Committee

IITAAT Executive Committee

The IIT Alumni Association of Thailand (IITAAT) has announced the appointment of its new Executive Committee (ExCom), marking an exciting new chapter for the organization.

IITAAT appointed Subin Bhatia as the new President, with Manish Ranjan as Secretary and Mukul Koche as Treasurer. The newly elected committee is poised to drive innovation and growth for the association.

For upholding the IITAAT constitution and to help achieve its vision for the future, the committee has co-opted a talented group of additional ExCom members that include Nitin Tripathi, Rajendra Jain, Vivek Bansal, Kandarp Singh, and Rajesh Sharma.

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Subin Bhatia, the Newly Elected President of IITAAT

Subin Bhatia brings over 25 years of extensive experience in the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and digital industry. He has maintained an impressive track record of success.

Founder of Suvitech Company, pioneering role in the MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler) platform business in Thailand, prestigious Asia Pacific Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award, and the list of his remarkable achievements goes on.

When asked about his recent appointment as President of IITAT, Bhatia expressed enthusiasm and added, “I am deeply honoured to be elected as the President of IITAAT, and I am excited to lead this association of esteemed IIT alumni in Thailand.

We have a tremendous opportunity to promote India-Thailand cooperation in various fields and promote the Brand IIT in Thailand and Southeast Asia. With the support of my fellow ExCom members, we will work to the best of our abilities to contribute to the success of IITAAT’s mission.”

Subin Bhatia, newly appointed President of IITAAT
Subin Bhatia, President of IITAAT

Vision and Mission of IITAAT

Established in 1990, the IITAAT serves as a dynamic platform for IIT alumni in Thailand. It facilitated the establishment of the brand IIT in Thailand and across Southeast Asia.

The association promotes cooperation between India and Thailand in technology, education, and management. Through its diverse programs and events, the IITAAT provides opportunities for industry interaction, networking, knowledge-sharing, charitable and social initiatives, family events, and sporting activities.

IITAT offers a range of events focused on technology and education promotion. The institute also helps to build a vibrant and connected community of IIT alumni in Thailand.

Achievements of IITAAT

IITAAT has accomplished several noteworthy milestone, including:

  • Collaborating with RMUTT to establish the Engineering Student Talent Award (ESTA) program. RMUTT draws participants from Thailand and other ASEAN countries. It receives immense support from the Indian Embassy, sponsors, and IIT alumni
  • Facilitating Thai University tie-ups with IIT, such as IIT Madras with RMUTT and IIT Gandhinagar with SWU
  • Contributing to charity and social welfare initiatives, including supporting the Orphanage Ban Kru Noi. The institute also constructed an old age home for women, donated oxygen generators to India during the COVID-19 pandemic, and supported the Shanti Bhumi Foundation.

Through these achievements, IITAAT has demonstrated its commitment to promoting education, technology, and social welfare within Thailand and beyond.

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